Service Area

Trade marks

Trade mark gives the protection to your individual business, products or service identity. The products or services already in use can be registered as Trade Mark so also Trade Marks to be used in future can also be applied for Registration. We recommend 'Search' in the Trade Mark Registry for availability of identical or similar marks for particular class before finalising the Trade Mark or before application. Our services include search and councelling on availability of Trade Mark, file application and follow up upto Registration, attending hearing, renewals, amendments and handling rectification matters. Trade Mark are Registered for 10 years which can be kept in force by renewal within prescribed peroid.

Patent (Invention, Novelty and Industrial Use)

The Patent grants inventor exclusive right to the patent as if licence for 20 years(in India) from the date of filing of patent. Innovative step, novelty and industrial use are 3 basic requirements of patent. We advice to go for search of prior art before filing application.

Design Registration

Design Registration is also effective way of protecting product. But remember that only asthetic factor i.e. look is registered under Design Registration. No technical details or usage are necessary for this but the 'Product' should have industrial use, is the major criteria for this Registration. It can be registered for 5 years and can be renewed for 2 times thus get total period of 15 years as Registered Design. The design can be further protected by getting 'copyright' of it. But if the design is reproduced by more than 50 copies then it can't be copyrighted.


Copyright refers to laws that authorize the use of the work of a creator, such as author, artist, and many more. This includes copying, distributing, altering and literary and other kind of work. Unless stated otherwise in a contract, the author or creator of any work holds the copyright.

Passing Off

In India, Passing Off is a common Law of Tort which can be used to enforce unregistered trademark rights. The tort of Passing Off protects the goodwill of a trader from a misrepresentation. The law of passing off prevents one trader from misrepresenting goods or services as being the goods and services of another, and also prevents a trader from holding out his or her goods or services as having some association or connection with another when this is not true.We provide all kind of legal assistance relating to passing off.

Industrial contract

We provide services for drafting of industrial contracts.